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Premium Cannabis
Dispensary Supply

Bonzaion wholesale cannabis supply for Canadian dispensaries.Over 65 strains, over 100 types of concentrates and edibles. We’re proud
to grow and supply only the best cannabis products in Canada
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Bonzaion Pre-Rolled
Cannabis pack
Now available !

Struggling to cope with aches and pains? Smoke one of our pre-rolled
fatties and we guarantee you won’t feel your face.
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Various high THC
edible and drink

Taste our delicious chocolate and gummy sweets blended with pure THC
your customer will love it !
bulk pack available here ..
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leaf Best Canadian finest Cannabis Dispensary Supply

Bonzaion is a wholesale cannabis supply for Canadian dispensaries .Our goal is to provide access to safe, reliable and tested cannabis products to the people who need them most.

We make sourcing wholesale cannabis products for your dispensary simple, convenient and hassle-free. We house all of our brands under one roof so you receive all products in one shipment and only need to make one easy payment for your orders. 

To provide professional, consistent, client-centred products based on evidence and informed practice. To educate and support our clients and staff in an environment of wellness and respect.

Fresh Buds

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